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Posted April 11, 2016 @ 1:36 pm

A large share of all civil cases filed in Davenport and within its state court are debt collection cases. Many cases filed in the Davenport court system are debt collection, foreclosure, and tax collection cases. A large share of the balance of civil cases in Davenport courts of limited jurisdiction involve temporary restraining orders, typically in non-marital domestic relations contexts, and name change petitions (generally for marriage, divorce or child custody reasons). A large share of the balance of civil cases in the Davenport courts of general jurisdiction involve divorces, child custody disputes, child abuse cases, uncontested probate administrations, and personal injury cases that do not involve workplace injuries (which are usually handled through a non-judicial worker’s compensation process.

Many Davenport court civil cases produce quick default judgments or pretrial settlements, but even considering only cases that actually go to trial, Davenport courts are the dominant forum for civil cases.

Essentially all probate and divorce cases are also brought in Davenport state court, even if the parties involved live in different states. In practice, almost all real property evictions and foreclosures are handled in the Davenport state court.

The Davenport State court systems always contain some courts of "general jurisdiction". All disputes which are capable of being brought in Davenport court, arising under either state or federal law may be brought in one of the state courts, except in a few narrow case where federal law specifically limits jurisdiction exclusively to the federal courts. Some of the most notable cases exclusively in federal jurisdiction are suits between state governments, suits involving ambassadors, certain intellectual property cases, eminent domain, bankruptcy cases, large interstate class action cases, and most securities fraud class actions. There are also a handful of federal laws under which lawsuits can be pursued only in state court, such as those arising under the federal "junk fax" law. There have been times in U.S. history where almost all small claims, even if they arose under federal law, were required to be brought in state court, especially in Davenport.

The Davenport state court system usually have expedited procedures for civil disputes involving small dollar amounts (typically under $5,000 to $25,000 depending upon the state court in question), most of which involve collection of small contractual debts (such as unpaid credit cards, student loans or payday loans) and landlord-tenant matters. Many states have small claims divisions where all parties proceed in civil cases without lawyers, often before a magistrate or justice of the peace. Federal courts do not have parallel small claims procedures and apply the same civil rules to all civil cases, which makes federal court an expensive venue for a private party to pursue a claim for a small dollar amount.

Unlike state courts, federal courts are courts of "limited jurisdiction", that can only hear the types of cases specified in the Constitution and federal statutes (primarily federal crimes, cases arising under federal law, cases with a United States government party, and cases involving a diversity of citizenship between the parties).


 The Superior Court of Los Angeles County is the California Superior Court located in Los Angeles County. It is the largest single unified trial court in the United States.

The Superior Court operates 47 courthouses throughout the county. Together with 5,400 employees it operates over 600 courtrooms throughout the L.A.county, with an annual budget in excess of 900 million dollars


Arthur County Nebraska Courthouse and Jail is/was perhaps the smallest courthouse in America, and serves now as a museum

Located at Marshall St. between First and Elm Streets in Arthur, Nebraska, the 26-by-28-foot (7.9 m × 8.5 m) courthouse building was built in 1914, and the jail was built in 1915, as the first government buildings in newly formed Arthur County. The courthouse was designed by a J.S. Noll with some elements of Italianate style. The property was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990; the listing included two contributing buildings.


The King William County Courthouse is a courtlocated in the town of King William, King William County, Virginia. The original courthouse structure was constructed in 1725; it is the oldest courthouse building in continuous use in the United States. The courthouse is constructed of brick laid in Flemish bond. In 1840 the courthouse was enlarged and a brick wall was erected to enclose the court green and to keep livestock and poultry away from the buildings. A new courthouse complex has been constructed to augment the old; however, hearings are still held in the old building to preserve its historic designation.


The Thomas F. Eagleton United States Courthouse is the largest single courthouse in the United States. It is the main office of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri and the United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit. It was named after the U.S. Senator Thomas F. Eagleton.

The Eagleton courthouse is 29 stories tall and covers 987,775 square feet (91,767.3 m2). It is the fifth tallest habitable building in Missouri. It is located in downtown St. Louis at 111 South 10th Street. The exterior of the courthouse follows a classical tripartite scheme, a scheme that uses the split-level stacking concept. Its height is 557 feet (170 m). The construction of the building was completed in 2000. The architects involved with the building were Hellmuth, Obata & Kassabaum and EDM Incorporated. The building cost $186,000,000 to build.

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